ABCD3 p.Glu606Lys

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PMID: 10190819 [PubMed] Takano H et al: "Mutational analysis and genotype-phenotype correlation of 29 unrelated Japanese patients with X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy."
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87 Review of previous publications indicated that 14 missense mutations are associated exclu- sivelywithAMNorAddisondiseaseonly,includingC696T (R104C),33,34 G697A(R104H),42 C700T(T105I),45 G832A (S149N),35 C918G(Q178E),42 T1045C(L220P),35 C1137T (T254M),37 G1266A(A294T),45 C1551G(R389G),37 G1552A (R389H),33,35 C1638T (R418W),37 C1930T (S515F),38 T2084A(M566K),33 andG2211A(E606K).35,37 Analysisof these mutations may provide important insights into the mechanisms involved in variable phenotypic expressions in ALD.
ABCD3 p.Glu606Lys 10190819:87:372
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